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Pedoland bbs list Related article: Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 15:30:33 -0400 From: Sequoyah Subject: The Concord Five--Chapter Two ASP--The Concord Five--Chapter Two Warning!
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17 Responses

  1. You are cessing this site of your own free volition.

    You have been warned! Disclaimer This is a work of fiction, any coincidence is just that, a coincidence. Copyright Notice ReminderThis story is copyright by the author and the author gymnastics bbs photos retains all rights.

  2. Expressly prohibited is the posting of the story to any sites not approved by the author or charging for the story in any manner.

    Single copies may be downloaded and printed for personal use provided it remains unchanged. PostingsASP--The Concord Five is being posted at inotorybiji????????? - ??? as well as Nifty. Check it out.

  3. CommentsTHIS WEEK'S posting is the second chapter of The Concord Five.

    Due to what he calls a minor problem and I wouold call a diaster, Scott is putting in 16-20n hour days gettingback on schedule.

  4. xxscarygirlxx
    He had C5-2 ready and ratehr than have you wait, I decided to post C5-2.

    hi hi hi hi

  5. scarygrlz4eva
    O5-2 will be posted when it is ready. The Yahoo Group dedicate to the ASP stories has taken on new life and is as lively as ever.

    If you have thoughts on anything, youc an probably find someone there to agree and disagree with you. Join the ASP Family at Sequoyahs_Placeyahoogroups.

    com DedicationTo all those who work to eliminate violence and who bind uop the wounds of violence's victims.

    ASP--The Concord Five--MichaelFriday we worked very hard on the speeches to be given in the opening assembly and another for Jacob and me to give Thursday.

    All four speeches were devoted mainly to the new role of the student government, but the first two did talk about the peer counseling program.

  6. melikescary
    Everyone was pretty much satisfied with them by lunch.

    After lunch, we went over them again while we relaxed before swimming. After that, we spent the rest of the day swimming and relaxing on the beach. At one point when we were all darkcollection bbs free sitting around resting, after a pretty hard game of water keep-away, we talked about Christopher.

  7. skillet89
    Bill had some contacts with the police department and had talked with Zack Ramsey, a young fellow who had graduated from Independence a couple years earlier and was now a rookie policeman.

    He told Bill he knew that Kenny and his crowd were smoking herb and getting drunk and that Christopher was right in the middle of it. "The whole department knows, but we are trying to move easy, especially with Christopher.

  8. RAWRdinosaur
    We all respect Demetri and know he got a pretty messed-up kid tossed in his lap.

    The others are small fish and we are hoping they will lead us to bigger fish," he had said to Bill. "I knew I'd rather try to save a rain forest," I moaned.

  9. kutiethekiller
    "You guys have got to help me with this one.

    i am sooooooo scared of pop ups

  10. Paranormal7998
    When I phoned Christopher the other night, Demetri said he knew all this and was caught between bbs child porn sex turning him in and having him go back to juvenile detention, or not turning him in and getting in trouble himself.

    hahah wierd !(:

  11. ghostgirl123123
    He said just what Zack told you, Bill. teens bbs post He also said he had come home smelling of sex.

    What did he mean? ""Zack told me he had been on patrol and found Kenny and the bunch with Zell Albritten--you remember her, I guess.


  12. FreakyWolf
    She was still in high school when you were freshmen, but I think she was eighteen then and in our class.

    love ‘em (:

  13. layceeb
    She was the school slut and since she dropped out last year has been the town whore.

    Zack says some beer and weed and she's your girl. ""Anyway, it was three in the morning and he was at the end of that dirt street down past the old cotton mill and saw Kenny's car.

  14. RachelCastro
    When Zack saw them, one of the guys was pumping away on Zell but, when he drove up, lo bbs portal they all ran--staggered was more like it.


  15. mamamasan
    " Bill laughed, "Actually Frank Kitchen was on top of Zell and, when he tried to run, his pants fell down and he tripped and fell on his face.


  16. Bananalover101
    Zack said he just yelled bbs russian girl and told them to go home then drove back a ways and waited to make sure they left.

    Om gizzle gizzle

  17. After they had gone, he went to where they had been.
    'There were two cases of empty beer cans lying all around,' Zack said.

    I like this very much:D

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'It was obvious they had been smoking, drinking and taking turns fucking Zell all night,' he added.